The Goal: The goal of this case study is to explore how Chatbots can interact with Blockchain.
First interaction after placing order
First interaction after placing order
Journey of my order
Journey of my order
Track a different order by taking a picture
Track a different order by taking a picture
Call service desk for help
Call service desk for help
Blockchain offers a secure and transparent distributed ledger that can be used to power an e-commerce supply chain. Since Blockchain is a relatively recent technology, there is an opportunity here to shape and establish UX guidelines around it.
I wanted to explore Chatbots as a way to interact with Blockchain keeping in mind key ideas of communicating trust to the user, providing easy access and surfacing security and transparency controls (fundamentals that Blockchain is built on).
Use Case 1
Bob just ordered a watch online for Stephanie's birthday. This watch is coming from Hong Kong and will be shipped directly to Stephanie in Chicago.
He would like to share the access key with Stephanie for this transaction, which is facilitated by Blockchain.
Use Case 2
Stephanie's birthday gift was just shipped from Hong Kong and is in transit now. 'ChattyBot' lets Bob know and provides him with a way to track status.
Use Case 3
Since ChattyBot knows that Bob shared the access key with Stephanie previously, she asks him if he would like her to proactively communicate with Stephanie as well.
Use Case 4
Bob wants to track the status of a different order as well. He can do so by talking to ChattyBot or by simply scanning the order number.
Use Case 5
Bob needs some help. He can chat with ChattyBot and if that doesn't work, she can connect him directly to her friends at the Service Desk.
Proactive: Usually users must take the first step in interacting with a Chatbot. However, through this case study I explored the idea of making this a proactive interaction initiated by the Chatbot.
Conversational: I also paid detailed attention to the language used making it conversational in order to encourage the 'chat'.
Multi-channel: User can interact with the Chatbot using multiple channels - Voice, Text, Scanning an image or easy to use CTAs.
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